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Asimaar D&D 5th Edition (5E)

The character D&d 5e Asimaar is a human based native outsider with amazing features. It is said that the creatures are descendants of angels and arose due to the holy union of species. Although D&d 5e Asimaar arise out of sacred association, they do not always have good intentions. There are is a huge difference even among the members of same race.

Asimar D&D

Description Of Asimaar 5e:

The creature is known to bear celestial touch due to amazing physical features. It is quite similar to appearance with humans and other plane touched characters. D&d 5e Asimaar is beautiful and of a taller height when compared to the human race. It has pale white eyes devoid of pupils and adorns gray or golden colors. The creatures descending from Planetars are equipped with emerald skin while the ones from the avoral lineage sport a mixture of feather and hair. In short, the latter are similar to the earthly humans.

One of the most unique features is evident in the characters descending from ghaeles. They are equipped with pearly opalescent eyes. Aasimars, the descendants of sun are bestowed with shiny topaz eyes and silver skin. In fact, the creatures with couati heritage sport iridescent scales. Light covering of the features is the prominent attribute in most of the D&d Asimaar creatures.

Aasimar 5e Traits 

Ability score increase:

The wisdom score increase by one point while charisma score displays a rating of 2.


Compared to humans, the mortal Gods mature at the age of 20. In fact, the maximum age is not more than 150 years. Compared to humans, it is significant however is found wanting when matched with other species such as dwarves,


Celestial heritage is responsible for transforming the creature into a good and righteous individual. There are some aasimars that deny their heritage and prefer to chart out the course of evil.

Languages: We can use  Common and Celestial languages on Asimaar.


The most important characteristic size indicates that the creatures resemble well proportioned humans. With base walking speed at 3 feet, the celestial mortals are nimble footed when compared to other species.

Dark vision:

Dark vision features imbibes superior vision in dim conditions. In fact, it is possible to scan the objects located within the 60 feet of the vision.


Celestials can be ideal warriors because they are resistant to necrotic and radiant damages.

Celestial legacy:

Light cantrip is a primary feature of the aasimars. After reaching the third level, one can cast the lesser restoration 5e spell in conjugation with the above mentioned trait. After the long rest, it is possible to regain the similar ability in an impeccable manner in Asimaar 5e.

When the gamer enters the fifth level, he or she can cast the day light spell similar to the third level.  In order to regain the capability, a long rest would do a whirl of good to the users. Charisma is one of the most prominent abilities to cast the spells with maximum effect.

Aasimar Statistics:


Aasimar General Info:

HomelandPrime Material Plane,Celestial Planes
LanguageCommon, Celestial

Aasimar Appearance:

Average HeightMale: 5′ – 7’4″ (150–220 cm) Female: 4’7″ – 6’11” (140–210 cm)
Average WeightMale: 124–280 lbs. (56.2–127 kg; Female: 89–245 lbs. (40.4–111 kg)
Skin Color’sPale to dark brown, emerald, gold, silver
Hair Color’sRed, blonde, brown, black, silver
Eye Color’sPupil-less pale white, gold, gray, or topaz
DistinctionsPhysically almost similar to humans, insightful, magnetic personality, capacity to cast supernatural light, celestial heritage


It is a wise and intelligent race with an unparalleled allure seldom visible in any of the race. Strong insights make them indispensable for embarking on adventures in the dark environment. 5e aasimar is known to be quite perceptive and recognizes the objects that others may not. It also has the capability to cast magical light in order to ward off darkness. The creature is highly resistant to thee acidic elements and extreme temperature conditions.


5e aasimar creature is quite vigilant about the surroundings however they are misunderstood like Tiefling. People hate the characters however they are not despised like the ones belonging to the fiendish blood lines. Some of the creatures brought up by the understanding patients suffer from numerous prejudices due to the unique nature. The creature is also known for a deep empathy with others.

Although majority of the members of Asimaar 5e race belong to the celestial category, some of them are evil in deeds and intentions. They fell into the abyss of corrupt activities due to experience with the evil God. Shar and Sseth played an important role in chalking out the forbidden path for the Aasimars.  The former was the goddess of darkness responsible for presiding over dungeons, darkness and forgetfulness. Shar along with her sister worked to create heavens and planets. She was assigned to incorporate shades in the creation while her sister filled everything with light. Some creatures were counseled by the celestial Gods to leave the evil path and adopt the principles of virtues in their lives.


  • The creatures did not live in Toril; therefore they are devoid of permanent homes like the planet touched cousins. Since D&D Asimaar 5e is rare, it was condemned to live with other races instead of spending time with the kins. Gods rarely mated with human beings, therefore the chances of the characters having siblings were quite low.
  • When aasimars met with each other, they instantly felt the bond of Kinship due to the feeling of unspoken understating. Irrespective of the personal feelings aasimars took each other’s sides in the event of a conflict. Mulhorand is very popular with the characters because it comprises of numerous social classes.
  • Members of the nobility lived in the region providing enough opportunities to aasimars. In addition, the middle class comprising of business and craftsmen also inhabited the region. Law abiding citizens dotted the landscape; therefore species that prefer to live in order like to stay at Mulhorand. Deities of clergies were honored at a great extent, therefore the general population was extremely religious.

Religion and magic:

The creatures follow religious path since they are associated with the celestial Gods. Spell casters are known to summon the divine magic in comparison to the arcane version. Some of the aasimars transformed themselves into Paladins to serve the Gods in heaven. The formers are soldiers destined to fight for the beliefs and values. D&d 5e Asimaar wields diving powers as long as it is loyal to the oath and values.

Similar to the half breeds, the characters are not loyal to one God. For instance, large number of members of the race worshipped Mulhorand Pantheon while others felt an instant bond towards the animals. Creatures that were born outside of the Mulhorand region revered Gods of the nation where they resided.

In the outer planes, Aasimars were serving the dwarven and also the elven gods ranging from Aerderie to Faenya and berronar. Human Gods such as Lliira along with Milil kept the creatures in their service team.

Asimaar 5e Relations:

In spite of the association with human ancestors, aasimars felt natural bondage with other half breeds. It is a natural process because characters believe in intermingling of the races without being judgmental. There are only certain aasimars that are friendly with Tiefling however majority of them despise the latter.

Genasi, the plane touched characters are aliens to the aasimars but both are friendly to each other. The former is quite similar to the human beings due to 180 cm height and 225 LBS weight.

The characters are not compatible with dwarves and elves even when they are not known to prosecute the former. One of the primary reasons is that they have little in common with each other.


Aasimar is the direct creation of cross between Gods and humans however the Devas find no mention in the multiverse literature until the arrival of Mulanis. They are the human group with tall and thin yellow skin. Mulan controlled the eastern shores of the sea of fallen stars to form a colony. They worshipped the Devas and popularized the existence of Gods among the general population.

Home lands:

In past, aasimars inhabited the region located in the eastern parts of Unther and Mulhorand because they were the descendants of the Gods who once roamed the earth. The occurrence of the spell plague proved devastative for the aasimars. It was an ominous event caused due to the death of Mystra, the Goddess of magic. The sudden demise of the Gods led to the collapse of the weave and the effect percolated to the psyche of the wizards.

After the spell plague came into existence from the powers of the realm, it continued to grow and even Lord Ao. Due to the widespread destruction, only arcane forced remained in the vicinity. Aasimars became nomads over a period of time as they moved through the lands of Faerun and Toril. They settled into the borderlands of Durpar and Murghom as they belong to the merchant kingdoms of shining lands in Faerun. In addition, the places traded with every nook and cranny of the Toril. Aasimars were able to start their business ventures with other species and became adept in honing the trading skills.


The creatures do not belong to the fiendish lineage; therefore they have celestial blood in the veins. Glorious personalities with lustrous hairs are the primary appearances of the Asimaar 5e and they fight to defend goodness on the mortal plane. As a prominent species, it tries to be compatible with the society but ends up being the leader of the pack due to its capability.

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