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Firbolg D&D 5th Edition (5E)

The indomitable Firblog 5e is considered as giant kin that keeps aloof from the other sentient races. It is said that the Firblog is one of the mot6s intelligent characters among the kins and like to live in colonies as the other civilizations do. Farming is a popular practice of the creatures however they prefer hunting and food gathering. They are quite different from their species that are predominantly raiders of the farm lands.

Firbolg D&D

Generally D&D 5e Firblog is not a reckless wanderer but likes to live life in an ordered manner. Discipline is the name of the game for the characters however other species regard them as evil and villainous.


The common features of the individual are closer to human beings with free flowing beard. With flesh pink skin, the head hair is blond. In short, the personality matches the European males of the Northern Hemisphere. D&D Firblog regard that only cowards wear the armors, therefore they do not wear any protection while fighting in the battle field.

D&D 5e Firbolg Traits:

Ability Score Increase: Here your wisdom score will increase by 2 and then your strength score will increase by 1

Age: Like the humanoids which are related to the fey and firbolg will have the long lifespans. A firbolg can reach the adulthood up to around 30 and the oldest one can live up to 500 years

Alignment: Such as the people who follow the natural rhythm and see themselves as the caretakers, firbolg is the typically neutral good and the evil filbolg are seldom and they are usually the sworn enemies of the remain of their kind.

Size: Basically, the firbolgs have the size in between 7 and 8 feet tall and they have weight in between 240 and 300 pounds but the size of your’s is medium.

Speed: 30 feet is your base walking speed

Firbolg Magic: By using wisdom as your spellcasting ability for them you can cast the detect magic and also disguise self with this trait. Once you cast this spell you cannot be allowed to cast this spell again with this trait until you have finished the short or long rest. Whenever you have used this version of disguise self and you may have seen up to 3 feet shorter than normal and allowing you to the more easily blend with both humans and Elvis.

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Hidden Step: Like the bonus action you can turn magically which will invisible until you will start your next turn or until you attack, make a damage roll or to force for making someone a saving throw. You are unable to use this trait again after using this trait once until you finish a short or long rest.

Powerful Build: Here you count as one size larger when you are determining your carrying capacity and also the weight that you able to push or drag or lift.

Speech of Beast and Leaf: Here you have the strong ability for getting communicate in a limited manner with the beasts and the plants and they also can understand the exact meaning of your words even though you do not have any special ability to understand them in return. Here you also have an advantage on all the charisma checks which you make to influence them.

Languages: The Elvish and Giant you can speak them in common and also read and write. if you want to know about d&d 5e languages

Firbolg 5e Statistics


Firbolg 5e General Info

VisionLow-light vision, Normal Vision
Average LifespanUp to 500 years
Homeland’sFeywild, Remote regions of Faerûn, Ice Spires
Language’sCommon, Giant, Elven
Favored TerrainHills, forests

Firbolg 5e Appearance

Average Height10’6″ – 11’4″ (3.2–3.5 m)
Average Weight610–710 lbs. (280–320 kg)
HairstyleThick beards


It takes about 2 years for a female Firblog to give birth to the child.


The character is responsible for worshipping the Goddess called Hiatea. It is the giant deity representing nature to the people. Primary symbol of the Goddess is a flaming spear however her power lays in transforming into a giantess with long legs, bow and quiver of arrows. The eyes are hazel brown in color while the hairs are red. Firblog regard her as a true hunter and protector and try to emulate her behavior.

The characters are primarily against the social order called ordning among the giants. In short, they are more individualistic and refuse to get bounded to the clan stereotypes. A system called code that came ages ago is the hallmark of the behavior of Firblog 5e. Implementation of the system may vary from one community to another.

The code is an indication that the society occupies a far superior position when compared to an individual. According to the system, actions determined the fate of the person instead of heritage or relatives. In case of the breach of the code, D&D Firblog is treated as a slave by the tribe. There are extreme cases, when he was completely banished from the community. One of the most positive implications of the code was that the characters would treat all the species as equals. Therefore, they do not display superiority complex as the other giants do in the virtual space.

Firblogs imbibe a democracy format called the cast that includes the summoning of the members of the tribe. They cast their votes on important issues using the rune engraved stone.

D&D 5e Firblog is of the view that charity is not only a vital virtue and an important trait. The receptor should not know the identity of the donor because in case of revelation, the characters become reclusive over a period of time. Firblogs are quite sociable with established friends located among all the species. They are quite honest and are known to lie because a single untrue statement can make them depressive and also cause physical discomfort.

Firblogs reside in hilly settlements or deep forests, therefore they rarely trust people. In order to get shelter, the characters built thatched roofs and defensive towers that also provided alerts in case of an approaching enemy.


The race came into being when Othea, wife of the deity Annam All father was involved in a torrid affair with ULUTIU. She was not loyal to her husband and had an affair with the Lord in the ice top bore four children. The eldest one was the founder of the race Firblog however on listening to the stories of her infidelity, the deity killed ULUTIU and hurled his body into the cold sea. Othea was later on poisoned by her son Lanaxis when she prevented him from saving the citadel. While dying she cursed him with dire consequences, therefore he fled to Arborea.

Notable Firblogs:

Tavis Burdun:

He was a prominent warrior serving in the Kingdom of Hartsvale. Tavis also led the scout’s organization of the king Camden and later on inherited the place consisting of orphans in the region.

Tavis had a wonderful personality with loyalty and honor as the important attributes. He was compassionate towards the poor as well as strays. In addition, the warrior also acted as father figure for many young people in the kingdom. He has a brain of steel while dealing with the crisis like situations.

He was a notable assassin of the Night masks and afterward became a companion of Cadderly Bonaduce. The individual had an amazing personality with red hair and twelve feet height. He was more than 800 pounds displaying thick muscles. Numerous scars on his body indicated that Vander was battle hardened. Due to dark eyes under the bushy brows, he appeared fearsome to the opponents in the battle. Vander wore wide bracers with wide studs and an array of jewels on the wrists. The beard skin cloak with giant swords at the side reminds the people of Viking warriors of the long gone era.

Vander was born in the Firbolg community residing in the spine of World Mountains. When he became an assassin, ghost took possession of his body and forced him to perform evil tasks. Once upon a time Vander tried to escape the vice like grip of the assassin and fled into the mountains but was tracked down easily.

Ghost played a dirty game to facilitate a body switch; therefore Vander mistakenly killed some of the members of his own community. Cadderly Bonaduce played an important role in freeing the body of Vander as he killed the ghost.


  • The height of Vander was same as the other giant kins but he had the heritage gift to transform himself into a large man.
  • He was not only skilled in fighting with the swords but also was adept in killing the opponents with bare hands.

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  1. Firbolg don’t have darkvision in 5E, they just have normal vision

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