Lizardfolk D&D 5th Edition (5E)

The lizardfolk is quite a different creature and resembles somewhat to the dragons rather than the humans. They have their own set of rules and principles which they follow strictly. Their desires and thinking is very different and it is because of the principles that they have laid down. When you talk about their nature, they are quite faithful to their race and bestow everything on them. Their physical appearance is unusual of their characteristics and it is a bit difficult to understand them.

Lizardfolk 5e

In today’s role-playing games, the lizardfolk 5e plays an important role and that is why it is necessary to have complete information about the same. That is why we have framed this article on the traits of lizardfolk, what is does, how it does and other detailed information that you might be looking for. So let us take a deep insight into the characteristics of lizardfolk.

D&D Lizardfolk Traits

The D&D 5e Lizardfolk have a variety of racial traits to follow and they are:-

Speed: The walking speed of any lizardfolk is just 30 feet which is similar to the other creatures and also the swimming speed.

Hungry Jaws: When there was a battle you can throw yourself into the vicious feeding frenzy. So as a bonus action you can get a special attack with your bite. It will deal its normal damage while the attack hits as a result you can get the temporary hit points equal to your constitution modifier(Minimum one). Until you complete a short or long rest you have no chance to use this trait again.

Bite: You can use fanged maw as a natural weapon to make unarmed strikes. Once you use this weapon to hit then you can deal piercing damage which is equal to the 1d6+ your strength modifier and instead of the bludgeoning damage is normal to the unarmed strike.

Size: The size is usually larger as well as bulky than the humans. Their coloured appearance adds to their bulky body and that is why they look a little heavier in size. But your size is medium.

Cunning Artisan: Being a part of the short rest, the player has a capability to harvest bone and hide from the construct, slain beast, monstrosity, dragon or the plant creature of size either small or larger to create some items such as a club, a shield, a javelin, or blowgun needles or 1d4 darts. But if you want to use this trait you have to use a blade like as a dagger, appropriate artisan’s tools like leatherworker’s tools.

Ability score Increase: The wisdom score goes up by 1 and the constitution score increases by double that means 2.

Natural Armor: When you aren’t wearing armor, you have tough and scaly skin. At that time your AC is equal to 13+ your dexterity modifier. You can recognise your AC by using the natural armor whenever if the armor that you wear will be leaving you with a lower AC. While you are using you’re natural armor then a shield’s benefits apply like normal.

Hold Breath: You can stop or hold your breath up to 15 minutes contineously.

Alignment:  Lizardfolds are neutral and form them life and death are just like any other natural process. Survival for them is the biggest asset and their focus is on the same.

Hunter’s Lore: By using two of the following skills which you have chosen such as Animal Handling, Nature, Perception, Stealth, and Survival you can gain proficiency.

Age: They do not live for a long time and may live up to just 14 or 16 this is the maturity around age. While there are a few who enjoy a longer span of life and this can go up to 60.

Language: They master anything they hear and this is the reason they easily get command over anything. Though names often tend to confuse them but the description helps them to understand everything and this is how they treat the things.  So you can use Common and Draconic to speak, read and write. Active verbs is more commonly used by them as it is easy to use and understand the things.

Lizardfolk Statistics

Size Medium
Type Humanoid
Tag’s Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk General Info

Vision Darkvision
Average Lifespan Up to 80 years
Homeland’s Chessenta, Chondalwood, Chult, Lake of Steam, Nelanther Isles, Vilhon Reach, Western Heartlands
Language’s Draconic, Common
Subraces Lizard king, Blackscale Poison Dusk

Lizardfolk Appearance

Average Height 6′ – 7′ (1.8–2.1 m)
Average Weight 200–250 lbs. (90.7–113 kg)
Skin Color Green, black,gray, brown,

More about Lizardfolk

These are also known as lizard men and belong to the class of the aquatic animals or you can precisely say semi-aquatic. The skin has a number of scales on it with their colours varying from dark to light like the green shade, grey, brown etc. The lizardfolk have quite a tall structure with their height ranging from 6 feet to 7 feet and the weight being 200-250 pounds. They have a small tail which may be of 3-4 feet and gives the balance to their body. Their claws are highly sharp and employed for various purposes with sharp teeth as well. Distinguishing between the male as well as the female lizardfolk is very easy and easily done by them.

When you talk about their skin it is really sensitive and therefore needed to be wet all the time. In case the climate is dry, the Lizardfolk 5ehas to be around water to maintain the temperature of their body. Owing to the dry climate only, they have a lot of fear of such places and do not want to go there.

Their abilities

Just like their name and characteristics, the lizardfolk are capable of handling any situation as they are strong and fearless. They have thick scales which prevent easy injury of their body and at the same time make sure they are able to combat the attacks too. For them holding their breath is quite easy and can go up to for about 15 minutes which is difficult for the humans. They easily move in underwater and are capable to do all sorts of activities without any problem.

Another ability is to see even in the dark which is found in very few species. So the dark vision is definitely an added quality for them and it proves to be an advantage for them.

The personality of the D&D 5e Lizardfolk

Lizardfolk as we all know are quite unique and worldly things do not matter for them. Money, jewels etc are not the matter of fact for them and nor the knowledge. For them the only thing important is whether it is good or bad. If they know that this is good they will move ahead with it and if they find it to be bad they will move away with it. So the principle of leading their life is quite simple. Their love for food is immense and they easily get distracted with the variety of food they see. No matter how tough the situation may be but food can definitely lure them. If the lizardfolk is hungry they can eat anything that comes their way.

Though the D&D Lizardfolk is not at all grumpy or provoking but sometimes it may be difficult to handle them. For them adapting to the new place is tricky and this is what makes them a little dangerous. They are not evil but afraid with the surroundings and it reflects in their nature, behaviour and the way they do the things. While some of them have found it difficult to adjust with the surroundings, there are few who have managed to survive and have easily transformed themselves into the new world. They have understood how the real people live their lives and how they can adapt the same.

Tribal structure of the lizardfolk

Every lizardfolk belongs to a tribe with each having around 150 lizardfolk in it. The tribe includes 50 female lizardfolk, 50 males and 50 children. There is a possibility that the tribe may have 30-60 adults as well along with their children too.

The society of the lizardfolk had their leader who was not just powerful but the decision maker as well. All the crucial decisions for the society was taken by the leader. Anyone in the tribe was liable to become a leader who had good leadership qualities and knew how to work for the tribe and the society on the whole. A new leader could be chosen at any time and till then the tribe would be unorganised and messed up with everything. Every leader would have two other assistants who would render complete help the leader needed in all the tasks. Skilled warriors were a part of this job as they were capable enough to manage the society and run it smoothly.

Apart from the leader there was another tribe called the shamans who main work was to worship and was always available for any kind of advice or suggestion to the leader.

On the other hand all the female lizardfolk were busy looking after their children and ensuring that the camp runs smoothly and there are no issues. All the females would come together and work for the tribe and also look after their young ones. There were a lot of females who would take care of the babies and made sure they were given good care.

So everyone contributed towards the society in some or the other way to maintain the balance. This is how the tribe of the D&D Lizardfolk worked and there was perfect coordination among them for the smooth working of the tribe and the society.

Activities of Lizardfolk

The lizardfolk have not been involved in any kind of activity that would give them food so the only way out was to go for fishing. They would hunt for food and even steal it in some cases. There were some lizardfolk who lived around the humans and this is where their food came from. They would steal from the neighbours and fulfil their want for food. Even the tribe was involved in similar activities and would get food by any means for the females and the kids. They would gather lots of food and eat till it gets finished and once done they would start hunting again.

The lizardfolk would hunt and steal only around their area but there were few who would go out and hunt for bigger things too. Most of them were contended with whatever they day but few looked for big. In this course they would get a lot of food and even the knowledge about the outer world as what people do to survive and what are the ways they get food and lots of interesting information. The outer world was new for them and this would fascinate them to know more about it.

Whenever the lizardfolk planned to go out they would do this in groups so that it was easy for them to manage and combat any adverse situation as well. It is because of the simple reason that they had the fear of being seduced by the people of the outer world and that is why they would always being accompanied by two or three of them for safety purposes. Also it would be easy for them to return home. This is how they managed to survive, gain knowledge and get food for themselves.

Relationship with One Another

When you talk about the relationship of the D&D 5e Lizardfolk, you will find that they would treat one another as hunter and prey. There was no mutual understanding among the different tribes but would kill one another just for food. Negotiation was the best way for them to deal with the other races and this is how they managed everything. It was the males who went out to search the food while the females would have to sit in the camp, rest, work together and look after the children. Within the race or the tribe the lizardfolk were very strong and has immense pride in themselves.

The lizardfolk talked to everyone within their race and sometimes go out together for hunting as well. They would consider themselves as real good people but when you talk about the other races they would hardly talk to one another and treat them as enemies. Despite the fact they were considered to be highly civilized and were thoughtful people.


The D&D 5e Lizardfolk had a culture which everyone followed within their tribe. There were certain rules and regulations to be followed as how the males and females should behave. Males would go out to hunt food and females would sit back. Similarly when anyone would die in the tribe they would not leave it anywhere but eat themselves. This was how they would protect the body and make sure the member was always with them. Also they would not allow any other non-member of tribe to eat the same. This trend was followed by all the tribes and this is how they kept up with their culture and went by it strictly.

Tools sued by them

The lizardfolk used tools which were made from stone, wood and other stuff that was available in and around their area. They were not at all fascinated with the new tools but looked for something that was effective and worth. This is the reason they would choose to go for the simple tools that were easy to use and would offer the right results as well. With time, the upcoming tribes started focussing on new modern day tools that would facilitate hunting.

Barter system was also followed wherein the weapons and tools were exchanged within the different tribes. Similarly the camps were also different from one tribe to the other but primarily made of the damp leaves. They had no domestic animals in their home but were highly dependent on other modes to hunt for their food.

This is all about the D&D 5e Lizardfolk that you would be interested in. With this information you will surely be able to understand the tribe or the race of the lizardfolk in a more effective manner. In this way you will be able to use the traits to the best possible way and come out as a winner. Hope the above information proves useful for you and provides the desired details you have been looking for.

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