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Tabaxi D&D 5th Edition (5E)

Tabaxi’s also known as ubtao and they look like similar to the humanoid jaguars or Leopards. They are the fictional race of feline-humanoids native to the jungle of Maztica and sometimes led by a giant. Evil versions of Tabaxi is called Tabaxi Lords.

tabaxi 5e

Description of Tabaxi 5e

D&D 5e Tabaxi’s are taller than the most of the humans. They stand between 6 to 7 feet tall. Their bodies are slender and covered in spotted. They have a long tail and retractable claws. The color of Tabaxi fur can range from brownish red to light yellow. Their eyes color is green or yellow. Tabaxi are the speedy runners and also they are competent swimmers and climbers. They dislike clothing and only wear whatever makes their fellow traveler comfortable. In place of hands and feet, Tabaxi have short-fingered paws. The hinds of Tabaxi are similar in structure to that of a big cat. Their face structure is similar to big cats. Tabaxi have elongated mouth and nose and because of this, they have trouble in pronouncing languages other than their own.

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Tabaxi Statistics


Tabaxi General Info

Average LifespanSame as 5e human
Homeland’sNexal, Maztica
Language’sCommon, Tabaxi
Favored ClimateWarm

Tabaxi Appearance

Average Height6′ – 7′
Average Weight200–250 lbs.
Hair ColorYellow to red

D&D 5e Tabaxi Traits

Age – The lifespan of tabaxi is equivalent to humans

Ability Score Increase – Your Charisma score increases by 1 and Dexterity score increases by 2

Size– Tabaxiare taller than humans in an average and are relatively slender. Size of your tabaxi character is medium

Speed– The Base walking speed of your character is 30 feet

Alignment– Tabaxi tend toward chaotic alignments. They are rarely evil. Most of them are drive by curiosity rather than greed.

Languages – Your character able to read, write and speak Common and one other language of your choice

Darkvision– Here you have a special feature in this, you can have a cat’s keen senses while you are in dark. As if it was a bright light you have an ability to see in dim light with in 60 feet from you and darkness like if it was dim light. Here you have no capability to discern color in darkness but only the shades of gray.

Feline Agility –  Until the end of the turn you can make your speed double. The reflexes and agility of yours will allow to move with a aburst of speed. This trait can only be used once. Until you move 0 feet on one of your turns You can’t use it again.

Cat’s Claws: You have a climbing speed with 20 feet because of your personnel claws. You can make unarmed strikes by using your claws which are natural weapons. If you hit with those natural weapons you deal slashing damage which is equal to 1d4 + your Strength modifier, for an unarmed strike the damage is normal instead of the bludgeoning damage.

Cat’s Talent: In the Perception and Stealth skills you have a best proficiency

D&D 5e Tabaxi Etymology

D&D Tabaxiare known by different names. It depends on their region and fur coloration. Tabaxi who have solid spots are called leopard men and those who have rosette spots are called jaguar men. The way they pronounce their own name also vary. Some tabaxi pronounce it as tah-bahsh-ee and the others pronounce as ta-baks-ee.

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The Personality of D&D Tabaxi 5e

Tabaxi’s are reclusive people. They often avoid interaction with other races who are intelligent. Most of the Tabaxi possess a specific feline trait. Some of them have an innate curiosity that compelled them to travel and seek out artifacts, stories, knowledge and new experiences. They never live inthe same place for a long time.

Tabaxido not care for wealth. They only have interest in ancient artifacts, magic items,and relics. Whenever an item is thoroughly examined and studies and all of its secrets are revealed, it will lose its allure and Tabaxi will no longer take interest in it and they will pass it on. However, not all taxis were motivated by curiosity to leave their homeland. Some people find safe ways to fulfill the passions of their fleet by becoming traveling minstrels and Tinkers and accept interesting items and stories as payment for their services.

Tabaxi 5e Combat

Tabaxiare extraordinary hunters. They utilize these skills in combat. Tabaxiare particularity skilled at surprise attacks and this can be seen in their speed and stealth. They are also known to disguise their scent with aromatic herbs. The intelligence and hunting skills make them formidable tacticians. The group often used to hunt in the attackers while playing with their destructive enemies before killing them. In the Tabaxi clan, they also have berserker warriors within them, these are well-known as blood-stalkers.

Tabaxi usually favored slings, javelins with an atlatl, bolas, and macas for their weapon. These weapons are made of wood, stone or bone. They also can use claws and teeth as any weapon. Tabaxi are quite capable of adapting salvaged weapons and new technologybut they prefer simple weapons.

Practically it is just impossible to trap a Tabaxi because they have extraordinary knowledge of hunting, intelligence and sense of smell.

Society of D&D 5th Edition Tabaxi

Tabaxi build their colony around clans. These clans are spitted evenly between males and females. Every clan has several Hunts and each one is made of 2 to 8 individuals. These Hunts, patrol the area around the clan’s lair.

Sometimes tabaxi lairs are temporary, they are more often small villages of ramadas. Ramadas are usually built from wooden poles with grass roofs.

Elders led the clans. Leaders are aided by shamans about half of the time. Clans often tend to avoid each other and they do not engage in trade. Tabaxi considera trade to be demeaning but in some cases, they use third-party agents to trade for them.

Rumors followed about strange happenings when tabaxi started wandering out of their homeland Maztica but Tabaxi said very little about them.

D&D Tabaxi Lords

Most of the clans worship Tezca, Azul or Nula. Cat Lord is the creator figure in the tabaxi pantheon. A Tabaxi lord appears as a huge leopard or jaguar. It depends on where it is found. They are malicious, cunning and intelligent. Generally, they speak tabaxi and some other languages that are most commonly used by nearby societies. Lords of Tabaxi use allies, trickery, ambush,and spells to weaken foes before closing for combat. Dimension door can be used three times per day by the cruelest and bravest tabaxi lords.

Perhaps a cursed version, tabaxi lords are closely related to tabaxi. All the lords of tabxi are male and must take a tabaxi mate to produce offspring. Sometimes a tabaxi lord takes leadership of a clan of tabaxi for the insuring offspring and mating purpose. Such clans become evil under their rule.


Sometimes tabaxi are hunted for their pelts. Each pelt can be sold for up to 50gp. Tabaxi skin and claws can be used by Hishna shapers to enhance their strength. A young tabaxi can be sold for around 225 gp on the black market.

Interracial Relations of 5e Tabaxi

Tabaxi has very few enemies. The most degenerate clans attack members of other intelligent species without good reason.

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