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Weapons Of D&D 5th Edition

Dungeons and Dragons are pen and paper-based role-playing game, which is so famous in the community of the gamers. Its new edition has just launched in the world that is the fifth edition. In it, the players themselves design their own characters and complete the missions given by the Dungeon Master.  The Dungeon Master decides everything in the game. It provides the players multiple powerful weapons so that they can finish their enemies. To get a weapon it is necessary for you that your class grants you the permission and proficiency for those 5e weapons because every player has its own abilities.

Weapons 5e ( 5th Edition)

There are so many weapons available in the game but you cannot use all of them. Using weapons depends on your ability to use it. Because while fighting it can become the huge difference between the life and death. The class’s focus and the tools that you use mostly to play a game decide to choose a weapon.

As we have said there are so many weapons are available to play the D&D Game. You can see all the weapons in the weapons table. In this table, you will find the most common and most used weapons to play this fantasy game. With the help of this, you can easily know the price and weight of the weapons. With this, you can easily know the capability of those weapons like their hit power and damage abilities. These weapons are classified as melee and ranged. The melee weapon is used to attack a target that is on the distance of 5 feet from you whereas the ranged weapon is used a target that is on the most distance from you.

Weapon Proficiency

Getting a good weapon from the weapons’ table is depended on your class, race, and feats. After checking all these factors, you will grant to access that weapon as per your proficiency. There are two categories for the weapons that are simple and martial. The people mostly use simple weapon with excellence. simple weapons 5e include the maces, clubs, and other extra weapons that are often found in the hands of normal gamers. While in the martial weapons 5e, that includes the swords, polearms and axes are required, more tough training to use them. These weapons are famous for the warriors use because they are trained to use them and increase their fighting capabilities.

It is necessary for every gamer that is normal or warriors that they have the proficiency to use these weapons. Because it allows you to attack your enemies and save you from their attack. A 5e weapon is everything for your fighting and your victory.  If you do not have the proficiency to attack your enemies, then you can defeat your enemy and thus you will not be able to get the proficiency bonus.

Weapon Properties

Every weapon has its own have special properties and you can show it, in the weapons table easily and then can choose your weapons from there.


Ammunition property is an ability to do the great damage on your enemy. These weapons have the capability to fire from a long distance and get an instant damage on the enemies. However, is costly too each time you attack on your enemy there is a lack of its heavy material. We have to draw the ammunition from a quiver case and then you have to load it into the weapon using your free hands. It takes time too but gives you the win over your enemy. If you use a weapon like this to make a melee attack, you treat the weapon as the improvised weapon (You will get the details about the improvised weapons below of the article). While using them there is always a chance to damage, to avoid this you must use a sling that should be loaded to deal with any damage.


While making an attack with a finesse weapon, you should make the choice of your strength and proficiency modifier for the attack and damage rolls. You can use the same modifier for both rolls to attack your enemy.


Small creatures cannot use the attack rolls because these rolls are heavy. That is why it is impossible for those creatures to use these weapons effectively.


These weapons are lightweight and handy. If you are using two weapons for fighting then they help you so much to handle them.


Every weapon needs the time to be load that is why you can fire only one piece of ammunition from those weapons when you are in the action, or reaction to fire it. You do not remember the number of attacks that you can normally make while fighting.


To use a weapon for making a ranged or circular attack it is necessary to put a range for it in the ammunition or thrown ability. This shows the killing capability of a weapon. There are two numbers in the range lists. First, is the weapon’s normal range in feet, and the second is the weapon’s long range. When attacking a target with the normal range, you have a disadvantage on the attack roll. In addition, while attacking a target with the weapon’s long range you cannot attack multiple targets.


While attacking the enemy it is necessary for you that you are on the 5 feet distance from your enemy. This gives you the ability of proper destruction.


There are also some special weapons with the special property. For using them, there are different rules and guidelines that are defined in the special weapons section of this page.


To make a ranged attack your weapon should have the great thrown property. This makes a weapon more killing and powerful. If your weapon is a melee weapon, then you have to use the same ability modifier for the attack roll and damage roll. Let us take an example, if you throw a handaxe, you use your strength, but if you throw a dagger you can use either your strength or your dexterity.


This type of weapons requires two hands while attacking.


These weapons can be used with one or two hands. A damage value is appeared in parenthesis with the damage property (That shows the damage area and impact while using the weapon with two hands to make a melee attack).

Improvised Weapons

We have discussed a litter about them above of the page. An improvised weapon includes any object you can move or throw using one or both hands like a broken glass, a frying pan, a table leg, a wagon wheel, or a dead goblin.

It is similar to the actual weapon and can be treated like that. For example, a table leg is a property of a club. As an option of it, a character should be proficient with a weapon can use the similar things like a weapon to kill the enemies with getting the proficiency bonus.

An improvised weapon has a normal range of 20 feet and a long range of 60 feet to attack the enemies. If an object that has no similarities with any weapon, then it will have the 1d4 damage capability. If you use a ranged weapon to make a melee attack or if you throw a melee weapon, which does not have thrown property, it is treated as 1d4 damage category weapon.

Silvered Weapons

Some more powerful enemies are resistance against the nonmagical weapons. However, these enemies or monsters are not able to face the silver weapons. Therefore, the players invest the extra coin to make their weapons using the silver. You can silver a single weapon or ten pieces of ammunition of 100 GP. It totally depends on your necessity. These efforts add the silver to your weapon and give you the great weapon to fight these enemies. It takes time but the result is always good.

Special Weapons

These have some special rules and guidelines to use them. You can check them here.


To use a lance to attack it is necessary that the target should be on the distance of the 5 feet from you. It requires two hands to use the d&d 5e weapons are not mounted.


A net is a catching area that is used to catch the creatures that are large or small. A creature in it cannot free. To get free from the net a will have to use the strength of 10 DC and then it can free itself or another creature. To free a creature without harming it, a creature needs to do the 5 slashing damage to the net of 10 AC. When you use an action with the net, you can make only one attack weather if you can make a number of attacks.

Weapon NameProperties of Weight Cost Damage

Simple Melee Weapons Of D&D

Club2 lb.Light1 sp1d4 bludgeoning
Dagger1 lb. Light,Finesse, thrown (range 20/60)2 gp1d4 piercing
Greatclub10 lb.2-handed2 sp1d8 bludgeoning
Handaxe2 lb.Thrown, Light, (range 20/60)5 gp1d6 slashing
Javelin2 lb.Thrown (range 30/120)5 sp1d6 piercing
Light Hammer2 lb.Light, thrown (range 20/60)2 gp1d4 bludgeoning
Mace4 lb.5 gp1d6 bludgeoning
Quarterstaff4 lb.Versatile (1d8)2 sp1d6 bludgeoning
Sickle2 lb.Light1 gp1d4 slashing
Spear3 lb.Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)1 gp1d6 piercing

Simple Ranged Weapons of D&D

Crossbow, light5 lb.Ammunition (range 80/320), loading, 2-handed25 gp1d8 piercing
Dart1/4 lb.Thrown, Finesse, (range 20/60)5 cp1d4 piercing
Shortbow2 lb.Ammunition (range 80/320), 2-handed25 gp1d6 piercing
SlingAmmunition (range 30/120)1 sp1d4 bludgeoning

Martial Melee Weapons of D&D

Battleaxe4 lb.Versatile (1d10)10 gp1d8 slashing
Flail2 lb.10 gp1d8 bludgeoning
Glaive6 lb.Heavy, reach, 2-handed20 gp1d10 slashing
Greataxe7 lb.Heavy, 2-handed30 gp1d12 slashing
Greatsword6 lb.Heavy, two-handed50 gp2d6 slashing
Halberd6 lb.Heavy, reach, 2-handed20 gp1d10 slashing
Lance6 lb.Reach, special10 gp1d12 piercing
Longsword3 lb.Versatile (1d10)15 gp1d8 slashing
Maul10 lb.Heavy, 2-handed10 gp2d6 bludgeoning
Morningstar4 lb.15 gp1d8 piercing
Pike18 lb.Heavy, reach, 2-handed5 gp1d10 piercing
Rapier2 lb.Finesse25 gp1d8 piercing
Scimitar3 lb.Finesse, light25 gp1d6 slashing
Shortsword2 lb.Finesse, light10 gp1d6 piercing
Trident4 lb.Thrown (range 20/60), versatile (1d8)5 gp1d6 piercing
War Pick2 lb.5 gp1d8 piercing
Warhammer2 lb.Versatile (1d10)15 gp1d8 bludgeoning
Whip3 lb.Finesse, reach2 gp1d4 slashing

Martial Ranged Weapons of D&D

Blowgun1 lb.Ammunition (range 25/100), loading10 gp1 piercing
Crossbow, hand3 lb.Ammunition (range 30/120), light, loading75 gp1d6 piercing
Crossbow, heavy18 lb.Ammunition (range 100/400), heavy, loading, 2-handed50 gp1d10 piercing
Longbow2 lb.Ammunition (range 150/600), heavy, 2-handed50 gp1d8 piercing
Net3 lb.Special, thrown (range 5/15)1 gp

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